Plastisol is the most commonly used ink for apparel printing. It is excellent for producing vibrant, opaque colored graphics on dark fabrics.

Water Based

Water based inks are solvent free inks that penetrates into the garment a lot more than standard plastisol inks. This results in softer feel. Ideal for printing onto lighter color garments and lighter fabrics.



This form of printing is when waterbased inks are mixed with a special discharge agent to sink into the garment, removing the dyes and replacing it with the color of the ink. This creates a print that is extremely soft to the touch. Ideal for darker garments.



A reflective mirror-like fabric. Foil can not be used on graphics that are printed with plastisol ink because foil adheres to plastisol. For multi media prints, water based inks must be used.

Screen Printing Squeegee


Process used with designs that are full color. Ideal for photorealistic prints.


3D Puff Print

3D Puff prints creates a raised, textured print which can some times mimic the look and feel of embossed artwork.

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